Benefits of Shea Butter for Hair

In addition to the benefits of shea butter for the skin ,there are also numerous benefits for the hair. And you can't help but checkout: best shea butter

The best way to use shea butter is in its raw state - unrefined - as in the refining process, it is heated to high temperatures and has its properties changed. Therefore, prefer to use 100% natural butter to obtain maximum benefits.

Hair benefits

Especially for dry, weak, brittle and lifeless heads, shea butter is an effective revitalizer, providing shine, flexibility and softness.Just like on the skin, shea butter protects hair from sunlight. Contains vitamin E, an excellent antioxidant that helps to remove dead cells and also helps in softness. The humectant property assists in the absorption and retention of moisture, which provides great hydration of the hair as well as the skin.

For those who have problems with the scalp, such as irritations, bruises or flaking, shea butter is a natural dressing and scar, it contributes to the smoothing of the scalp.

It also helps in hair growth, as it is a natural stimulant and increases circulation. In addition to being compatible with any type of hair, even those that contain chemistry. It serves as a thermal protector.

Hair application tips

It is very easy to moisturize your hair at home with shea butter. Capillary wetting is an option: after washing your hair, remove excess water and apply shea butter, put a shower cap on and let it act for 30 minutes,finally just rinse the hair.

Night application: If you do not have time to moisturize,you can apply shea butter before bed. But don't forget to wash your hair in the morning, as butter can leave your hair greasy.

Another suggestion: With dry and unwashed hair, especially on the ends and strands, apply shea butter (after spreading the product in your hand, so as not to apply too much to the hair). You can leave it for as long as you like, but wash it afterwards.